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Fabric Analysis: More Information, Better Products
Fabric is an important material that forms the basis of many industries, from clothing to home textiles. It is one of the main factors that determine the quality, durability and comfort of our products. Therefore, the fabric analysis process is a central step in the design and production processes of our products.

Material Selection
The first step is to choose the right material. We carefully evaluate the type, content and texture of the fabric. We take into consideration suitability for intended use, durability and comfort. For example, elasticity, touch, color and tensile tests are important in outerwear fabrics, so material selection must meet these requirements.

Evaluation of Technical Specifications
The technical properties of the fabric are analyzed. Weight, thread count, breaking strength, color fastness and other physical properties are examined. This helps us determine the durability, longevity and performance of the fabric and ensures that we produce in the correct process.

Environmental Impacts
Environmental sustainability is an important factor in fabric analysis. The sustainability of the material resources used, the environmental impacts of chemical processes, and the energy and water use of production processes are analyzed. We fulfill our environmental responsibilities to minimize our impact on nature and society.

Continuous improvement
Fabric analysis results allow us to continuously improve our products. We improve our designs and production processes according to customer feedback and market needs.

Fabric analysis forms the basis of our ability to offer quality, sustainable and performance-oriented products as STORY FABRİCS TEKSTİL. We continue to take these important steps to offer reliable and functional fabrics to our customers.