Product Categories


To reconcile Research and Development (R&D), the source of innovation, with Product and Development.
As STORY FABRİCS TEKSTİL, focusing Research and Development on Product Development, which is a fundamental element of our business, is its main source. We are constantly looking for new ways to offer our customers the most innovative, high-quality and functional products.

We Offer Innovative Solutions
STORY FABRİCS TEKSTİL's best innovative solution is to understand what its customers want and help them find the right fabric process with their comments. It constantly works to improve our products, optimize our production processes and increase customer satisfaction.

Sustainability is Our Priority
Even though we are a new company, environmental sustainability is at the center of our R&D activities. We work with companies that develop solutions that minimize environmental impacts, from supplier selection to production processes. We also prefer companies that actively work on energy efficiency and waste management.

Customer Feedback and Collaboration
Feedback from our customers: We work closely with our customers to develop products and solutions that better meet their needs. We support R&D projects to better serve the needs of our customers.

Investment in the Future
R&D and P&D are a way to invest in the future as STORY FABRİCS TEKSTİL.
Based on this vision, we work for a better tomorrow by keeping up with the changes in the sector and anticipating the needs of our customers.

He plays a major role in helping us maintain the quality and innovation of the STORY FABRİCS TEKSTİL brand. We will continue to work to provide better service to our customers and you can expect more innovations in the future.